This is my very first post! I am excited to get started.  😀

Blogging is something I find interesting; it’s a great way to get my thoughts down so I don’t forget key ideas. I also like to look back at my posts to see what went well and what didn’t so I can build upon successes and minimize mistakes.

I am looking to utilize this blog as an online journal to walk readers through a round of development for one of my products, a reporting website for my company’s business partners. I’ll also be adding some personal stories as interesting events come up.

To start, I’ll talk a bit about the picture featured in this post. I went to Descanso Gardens this past December for a cool event called “Enchanted: Forest of Light”. The gardens were decorated with these spectacular light shows. The picture above is a field of electronic tulips that changed color. One moment, a field of blue and green flowers flowed in front of you. As a calm yet ominous music floated through the brisk air, the flowers changed first to a purple and orange then a pink and yellow pattern.

Eventually the flowers returned to their original blue and green combination to start the cycle again. The entire event was very enchanting indeed. I look forward to attending it again next holiday season.

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